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Successful applicants who are admitted by the residence admission office. PGSV houses students pursuing their post graduate studies i.e. only masters and doctoral candidates.

PGSV has a limited number of beds. Acceptance into on-campus residences is not guaranteed. However, unsuccessful applicants will be timeously referred to off-campus accommodation. 

PGSV is a senior residence and closes once in December. Student Housing offers accommodation for students staying for academic reasons during the December to January holiday. A fee separate to the annual accommodation cost must be paid to the vacation accommodation account.

The flats and rooms are fully furnished. All you need to bring is your own bedding.

PGSV residence opens annually from the 15th of January to the 15th of December. It would be wise to always confirm first before making any travel arrangements. For residence cancellations, transfers etc, see the residence contract form under the documents section.

Yes, you may. PGSV has limited inside open parking and unlimited outside shade parking.

Pets are not allowed at any university residence.

PGSV residence usually has students from at least 13 different countries. The residents are of different races, cultures, backgrounds, language, beliefs or religion etc

PGSV students age group range from 21 to 60. In most cases people are paired with people of similar age.

The PGSV has 6 small villages.

The rooms are allocated based on seniority (year of study and number of years at PGSV) and involvements and participation in residence events and activities. Consideration is also done in terms of gender, nationality, field of study, and student preferences. Where possible, students can request flatmates. No guarantee is given to any request as a lot of factors are at play.

PGSV houses all genders. Flatmates are always of the same sex.

The telephone in the flats can be used to call any university extension and to receive calls from any number. However, you cannot make any calls to non-university numbers.

A link that redirects to the documents section should be created.

There is the compulsory fun-filled, informative, a must not miss opening-function and the optional closing function. Other events like culture day celebrations, social braai, campus life festival, women day celebrations, village social gatherings, spring day celebrations etc. Social interaction is highly encouraged and supported.

At PGSV residence there is 24/7 controlled access and CCTV cameras. There is also every week day cleaning service. For more information, kindly visit the other sections on our website.

It is deliberately kept soothing and peaceful to enable study and research. It is located next to game conservancy.

Day visitors are welcome and short term visitors will be allowed on special request, after studying circumstances, upon which a fee is charged.

PGSV is fully enclosed by a palisade fence and has 24 hour security stationed at the entrance which is CCTV monitored and access is gained via access control